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How Auto Accident Injuries Really Work?

  • By: Hugh Brock Showalter, Esq.
  • Published: August 17, 2019

My name is Brock Showalter, and own Showalter Law Group, PA. I and my affiliated attorneys have recovered our clients millions of dollars. One of the biggest concerns that I have is that insurance claims adjustors prevent millions of people from getting the help that they need because they convince people that they do not need help. It costs absolutely nothing to see a personal injury attorney, and in almost all cases you will get four to five times more money with a personal injury attorney than you would by trying to handle the claim yourself.

In this series of articles, we are going to give you the insider secrets about auto accidents. We are going to cover auto accidents from the time a person is in one to the settlement for injuries. We will explain what to do if you are in an auto accident, why you should not talk to the insurance claims adjustors, and how to get the most money for your injuries.

In the last article, we discussed why you should never talk to a claims adjustor after an accident. In this one, we will discuss how auto accident injuries really work.

Article 3: How Auto Accident Injuries Really Work?

In the last article, we discussed the various reasons why it is never a good idea to speak directly with an insurance claims adjustor. In this article, we are going to discuss how auto accident injuries really work.

Now remember when we last left Jake he had gone to the ER out of an abundance of caution. While there, they do a series of X-Rays, CT scans and general tests to determine if there are any major injuries. After they finish all of these tests, they determine that he is clear of any major fractures or broken bones so they send him home. 2 days later, he wakes up with extreme pain and soreness from his neck and arms all the way down to his lower back. Since the ER told him that everything was fine, he decides to go to his regular doctor. The regular doctor does all of the tests again and confirms that he does not have any fractures or broken bones. He tells Jake that since he is having some soreness, he will prescribe him some pain killers and muscle relaxers. Jake fills these prescriptions and takes them exactly as prescribed. After a couple of weeks, his pain is only getting worse. He is also getting stiffer and his range of upper body motion is limited as well.

At that point, a friend tells Jake about his chiropractor. At first, Jake is reluctant to go since his regular doctor told him it is not a good idea. Jake, however, decides to go ahead and do it since his pain is only getting worse and he doesn’t know what else to do. When he meets with the chiropractor, he learns that although he doesn’t have broken bones or fractures, he still has injury to his tissues causing all of the pain and stiffness. The chiropractor explains to Jake that a series of treatments will correct the injuries, and that his type of injury will respond much better to this type of treatment than pain relievers or muscle relaxers. After a few weeks, Jake begins to show a vast improvement in his injuries.

Jake just learned one of the biggest insider secrets in the personal injury world. Insurance companies have spent millions of dollars convincing us all that you have to have broken bones or severe bruising in an auto accident in order to show injury. Nothing could be further from the truth! The truth is that most injuries in auto accidents are known as “soft tissue” injuries.

We all have soft tissue throughout our bodies. If we get injuries to our soft tissues, they will not always show on a regular X-ray or CT scan. When the soft tissues get inflamed, we feel pain, have stiffness and lose range of motion. The human body was not designed to handle the thrusting motion back and forth that happens in an auto accident. Insurance companies want us all to believe that the speed of the wreck determines the extent of the injuries to the body. This is also not true! A high speed collision might not jolt the body much at all while a low impact collision can really throw the body back and forth.

This is why chiropractic treatment and physical therapy really help a person who has soft tissue injuries. The sad fact is that insurance companies and even many medical doctors keep people from getting the treatment they need for their injuries because they are ignorant about the human body and how auto accident injuries actually work.

I am sure you are now wondering how to get the right type of care after an auto accident and avoid getting dismissed by your ER or doctor. We will be discussing this in great detail later in this book.

In this article, we discussed the ways in which auto accidents really work. In the next article, we are going to discuss how to get the medical care you need and how to get it all paid for.

If you have any questions at all regarding personal injury cases, contact us any time at (479) 521-1110, and I will personally contact you to discuss your claim! We look forward to hearing from you!

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