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What Areas Of Business Law Do You Help Your Clients With In Arkansas?

We are very well-versed in setting up and managing business entities. Most people who have never owned their own business won’t know where to start, but we will ensure that they receive the tax and incorporated advantages of the largest companies that exist. When starting a business, there are many things to consider, such as the location of the business and whether it will be a limited liability company or a corporation. We ensure that our clients stay compliant with the various regulations that might apply to their business. We also advise them on how to structure their bank accounts and assets for maximum benefit, and protect their personal assets. We are also able to provide assistance to business owners who want to expand or change their business model.

Do You Work With Both Small And Large Businesses?

We work with both small and large businesses to ensure that they make use of every advantage available.

How Common Are Business Dispute Cases In Arkansas?

Dispute cases in Arkansas typically occur between members of a business. For example, if two people form a business together, they might disagree about how to run the business, how to handle compensation, or in what way the business should proceed. It is very common for one business partner to want to shut down the business and go their own way. We can help clients by putting procedures in place for dealing with any number of disputes they encounter. This protects everyone’s personal liability and encourages the healthy separation of business and personal life.

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What Factors Should I Look For When Choosing A Business Entity?

When choosing a business entity, all aspects of the business should be considered, such as whether the general business purpose, sale of properties, and other various activities will be handled by one or several entities, the locations of operation, the personal and financial situations of the members of the business, and whether or not the model is best suited for operating as a limited liability company. I never recommend partnerships because they really don’t afford any advantages or personal protections. It is best to have a business entity set up as a separate legal entity, meaning that a business should be a separate legal being. Once the business entity has been set up, it will be assigned an EIN number or tax ID, which functions like a Social Security number (basically what you hear about a corporation or entity being a “legal person”.

What Do You Discuss With A Business Client In The Initial Consultation?

During an initial consultation with a client, we discuss where they are in life. Have they just left a job? Are they self-employed? What has brought them to decide to start a business? Next, we’ll discuss what type of business they want to start, where that business will be located, who will be involved in the business, and how much business they plan on doing over the first few months. Once all of this information has been discussed, we can provide advice about which type of entity would best suit their needs.

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